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5 Inexpensive Cribs Under $200

While our hearts may be set on a gorgeous custom crib, our dreams don’t always fit our bank account’s reality. Inexpensive cribs can be smart for many reasons. Even if you do have the dollars, you may want to save your investments for a nice dresser or beautiful rug that can be used for more than just the first few years. Or maybe you want a second crib because you just don’t have the heart to kick your toddler out of his crib before your second baby arrives (raises hand).

Always do your research when purchasing items on the lower end of the price spectrum. Read reviews and do your homework. But when searching, I realized there are some pretty cute inexpensive cribs out there—you just have to sift through to find them.

GONATT CribGONATT Crib ($199)

Inexpensive Cribs Sheffield Fixed Side Convertible Crib ($118)

Jenny Lind White Crib - The Project Nursery ShopJenny Lind Crib $199

This crib is just asking for a DIY touch on those panels. May we suggest Courtney’s upholstered crib panel tutorial?


Okay, so this one is on crazy sale right now, but even at full price ($299), it looks like a much more expensive crib.

Baby Mod ParkLane 3-in-1 Baby Convertible CribBaby Mod ParkLane 3-in-1 Baby Convertible Crib (on sale $127)