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Reading Our Way to New Memories

As a first-time mom, everything is new and exciting—every few weeks I find myself saying, “This is my favorite stage!” And right on schedule, over the weekend I looked at my husband and confidently stated that our daughter Bauer (approaching eight months) is currently in my favorite stage. I absolutely adore learning her personality and watching her explore the world. Topping the list of milestone favorites is seeing her face light up when she hears her name.

Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around a few select books. I can vividly remember the way my parents read them and the voices they used to bring to life my favorite characters.

Personalized Book from I See Me!

Thanks to our new personalized books from I See Me!, I get to make some of those memories I’ve been craving as we watch Bauer reach and grab for her new books that paint her as a princess, a fairy and a world traveler.

Personalized Book from I See Me!

Personalized Book from I See Me!

Our little family of three can’t agree on a favorite. As a sentimental mama, I gravitate towards Hello World! It’s me, Bauer! It takes us back to the day our sweet girl joined the world and all the excitement we felt bringing her home for the first time.

Daddy is a fan of It’s Fancy to Be Bauerwhich follows along as our baby girl jets around the world, making stops in Paris, London, Milan and more. We all love the last page, which includes a big picture of our jet setter and a reminder that the fanciest thing about Bauer is just being the little girl we love.

Personalized Book from I See Me!

Personalized Book from I See Me!

Bauer babbles a little more when we read Princess Bauer. We always pause on the page that includes her picture and a map of the Kingdom of Bauer. Every night I tell her to have sweet princess dreams, and how could she not with this bedtime story?

If you’re looking to jazz up your bedtime story routine or you’re in need of gift ideas, check out the whole collection of books and gifts on the I See Me! website.

PERK ALERT! The I See Me! Friends & Family sale runs from October 1-8. You can snag any of my family’s favorites or one of the many other titles I See Me! offers for 30% off by using the coupon code BFF at checkout.

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