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Mom Bling for Every Style

I was sorting through some family keepsakes a few weeks ago, and I found a gold locket tucked into a small box. I opened it to find a familiar photo of me and my siblings as little ones, and it made me smile as I remembered my mom fastening it around her neck when she got dressed each morning. As a child, I think I took it for granted that she filled her locket with a photo of me, but now that I’m a mother, I understand that overwhelming feeling of love for your babies that makes you want to keep a piece of them with you always.

Mom bling has changed a lot over the years, and while there’s something so nostalgic about a heart-shaped locket, I love that there’s a piece of personalized jewelry out there for every style and every occasion. From a push present (hint hint, hubbies), to a gift to yourself to commemorate your bond with your baby and everything in between, here are nine inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry that will help you keep baby close to your heart.

Mom Bling - Project Nursery

  1. New York Necklace from Maya Brenner Designs
  2. Everything Stack Bracelets from The Shine Project
  3. Mama Ring from Nora Kogan
  4. Keepsake Locket Pendant from The Project Nursery Shop
  5. Swept Away Necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs
  6. Initial Leather Bracelet from The Project Nursery Shop
  7. Custom Cuff Bracelet from Alyssa Harkness on Hatch
  8. Stackable Birthstone Rings from The Minimalist Magnolia on Etsy
  9. Diamond Shaped Charm Necklace from Three Sisters Jewelry Design