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Scooting with the Big Kids

This summer was epic. It was the first time in a long time that we slowed down as a family and took in every moment with the kids. Over the course of the last three months, I’ve watched Blake turn from a baby to a toddler.  As a small piece of my heart breaks because  the baby years are behind us, the other part is overflowing with joy as I watch him become his own little man. One thing that stands out as he develops is that the struggle of being the youngest is REAL! He is fearless and doesn’t allow his age, or size, prevent him from hanging with his sister and the neighborhood gang.

I’ve been on the hunt for items that help him with this daily struggle. Nothing beats how his face lit up when we introduced him to the Mini2Go from Micro Kickboard. Finally—wheels that are his size but give him the speed to keep up with his six-year-old sister.

Micro Kickboard Mini2Go

This scooter meets all of Blake’s must-haves: 1. Speed! I was amazed at how fast he could scoot on his new set of wheels. 2. Storage. Blake loves the toy drawer that slides in and out, and he fills it with all his collections—rocks, sticks and other items he finds along the path.  My favorite part? As he grows, the scooter will grow with him so we don’t have to find a replacement every year. When he is ready, we can convert the ride on to a stand-on scooter with a t-bar.

Micro Kickboard Mini2Go - Project Junior

This weekend we celebrated the end of summer with a family trip, and Blake put his new ride to the test. Finally he was able to hang with the big kids.

Micro Kickboard Mini2Go - Project Junior

Micro Kickboard has something fun for the whole family! Now that Blake has his newfound freedom, we’re able to take family scooter rides. My husband and I ride the Micro Scooter and Addison, our six-year-old, cruises on the Micro Maxi. All the scooters either fold up or come apart, making it extremely easy to transport them. The best part? No bike rack needed.

Micro Kickboard Scooters - Project Junior

As we head back to school, we use our Micro Kickboard scooters as our main ride there. Having a fun way to get to and from school makes it easier to get both kids out the door in the morning.

The door to summer may be closing, but our family scoots are far from over. Whether we are headed to school or out for an evening cruise, we’ll definitely be on our scooters!

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Cheryl Tadman

Friday 11th of September 2015

So cool!!!!