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What Do a Designer, Foodie, Blogger + Entrepreneur Have in Common?

I’m a creative person through and through, and I love pretty pictures, so it’s only natural that Instagram is my absolute favorite when it comes to social media. And for me, it has evolved from being a really amazing way to create a personal photo album into a incredible source of inspiration from people across the world who choose to share their ideas, their creativity and their lives with their followers. Here are four of my favorite mamas to follow on Instagram.

Joni Lay is an incredibly gifted designer, she has enviable style, and it’s such a joy to follow along on her adventures with her two (almost three!) sweet little girls on Instagram. Whether she’s sharing one of the many whimsical DIYs she’s created for her girls or the gorgeous vignettes she creates around her home, Joni’s photos are a breath of fresh air and creativity.

@laybabylay on InstagramJoni Lay | @laybabylay

Her profile says, “I make food + babies,” and there couldn’t be a more accurate description of what’s so special about the photos that Jenna Rammell shares on Instagram. She’s mama to three sweet little ones, including adorable baby Lolly whose sweet face makes me smile every time I see it. But what I love the most is reading Jenna’s wise and inspiring words about motherhood that she pairs with each one of her beautiful photos.

@jennaskitchen on InstagramJenna Rammell | @jennaskitchen

Ilana Wiles is a talented writer and blogger, and when I see one of her photos appear in my feed, I know I’m in for a treat. She shares a peek inside her fast-paced NYC life, but the real stars of the show are her two daughters, sweet and girly Mazzy and Harlow, a little spitfire with a style all her own. I love how Ilana’s feed is infused with equal parts parenting inspiration and humor, because let’s face it—sometimes mamas just need a good laugh.

@mommyshorts on InstagramIlana Wiles | @mommyshorts

Amy Richardson is the creative mama behind the oh-so-adorable kids clothing line, June and January. Her feed features outfit inspiration for littles, snippets of life with her two kids and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood. It’s filled to the brim with color, style and so much fun!

@juneandjanuary on InstagramAmy Richardson | @juneandjanuary

I’d love to know—who are the mamas that you love to follow on Instagram? Share your favorites in the comments below!


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