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This Party is Sure to Have Your Kids Buzzing with Excitement

My family recently celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The tradition is to hope for a sweet new year ahead, and it is often symbolized by the ceremonial dipping of an apple in honey. Honey symbolizes the sweetness, and this year, I decided to play on the honey theme by using bees, honey sticks, and a beehive for the kids table decor at dinner. You could replicate this idea for a honey bee themed kids party that would be oh-so-sweet!

I stumbled across this adorable beehive cookie jar at World Market that got my wheels turning, and it really started my bee theme. It was only $12.99, and plus, you have a cute new cookie jar to fill after your party to boot! I used it as my centerpiece on the kids table.

Honey Bee Themed Kids Party Decor

I also set the kids table with a burlap tablecloth, recycled brown kraft plates and yellow napkins.

Honey Bee Themed Kids Party Decor

For the place cards, I printed the kids’ names on brown kraft paper strips on my home printer and placed them on the plates. To continue the buzzing bee theme, I found edible fondant bees from Devany’s Designs on Etsy and put them on each paper plate near the names. I then used a Wilton food-safe marker in black to make the buzzing bee “trails” on the plates, making each one unique. Of course the kids loved the fact that they could eat the fondant bees the most!

Honey Bee Place Setting

Honey sticks and stirrers were placed at the adult table as favors, but they would also make adorable place card settings for your honey bee party. I customized brown kraft paper heart-shaped tags and tied one around each stirrer and honey stick.

Honey Bee Themed Party Favor

The featured attraction was our beehive-shaped honey cake! I found a beehive cake pan and used a delicious recipe for traditional honey cake for Rosh Hashanah. The recipe I tried for homemade icing didn’t really pan out, so I ended up using the store-bought variety and it was great! The kids had so much fun watching it drip down the cake, and they loved helping me stick more of the fondant bees onto the icing.

Beehive Cake

To complete the look, I used a rustic wood bark cake pedestal, also from World Market.

Honey Bee Themed Kids Party

Making our beehive honey cake was a great activity to do together to prepare for the holiday, and it was the perfect finishing touch for our honey bee kids table!


Thursday 19th of April 2018

Hi Emily, would you so happen to have this vase? I have looked on WorldMarket and they no longer sell it. I am looking to purchase one if you are selling it. Thanks Jackie