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How to Get a Perfect View of Your Perfect Babe

Video monitors really revolutionized the baby monitor business, didn’t they? I love being able to peek at my baby whenever I want without taking the risk of waking him up by actually going into the nursery. But now that he’s ten months old and totally mobile, despite my monitor’s pan, tilt and zoom feature and its strategic placement in the nursery, my baby often ends up on the side of the crib that’s completely out of sight. And after spending hours and hours (and hours!) creating a beautiful space for him, it’s so disheartening to hear my husband say that he wants to screw a shelf into the wall so that we can have an unobstructed view.

If you’ve experienced the same frustrations, listen up, because BeraTek Industries has created an amazing product that will solve all of our video baby monitor woes. It’s called the VuSee, and it’s a damage-free way to mount your monitor to the wall, giving you the perfect view of your perfect babe. Ten Project Nursery readers will each win a VuSee from BeraTek (a $15 value each). Read on to learn more!

VuSee Video Baby Monitor Shelf from BeraTek

Other than restful naps and peaceful nighttime sleep, what’s the one thing that all parents want for their babies when they’re in the nursery? Safety! We spend hours researching the best of the best baby products, but sometimes even the most highly rated products need a little help to function at the top of their game. And when it comes to video baby monitors, that’s where the VuSee comes in.

You get the most value out of your video baby monitor when you are able to position it to get a complete view of your baby no matter where he is in the crib, and that’s exactly what the VuSee provides. This smart product allows you to mount your monitor high up in a corner of the nursery so that your baby is always completely in view. And knowing that you’ll be able to see your baby at any time is sure to ease your protective mama mind.

VuSee Video Baby Monitor Shelf from BeraTek

Since the VuSee is secured to the wall with peel-and-stick 3M Command Strips, not only is it super easy to install, but it won’t damage your walls—genius! The VuSee is made in the USA, and it’s compatible with all video baby monitors.

WIN IT! Ten Project Nursery readers will each win a VuSee from BeraTek (a $15 value each, video baby monitor not included). Each winner will receive one white, angled, corner wall mount for a video baby monitor. Instructions are available online, or questions about the VuSee can be submitted to

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