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Adding a Little Style to Snack Time!

At the start of summer, we announced we were hitting the road for Mountain High Yoghurt’s Simplicity Tour. Our team had a blast making stops along Northern California with the Mountain High Yoghurt food truck team. We had the opportunity to meet tons of amazing families, share a few of our favorite Mountain High Yoghurt tips and hacks and sample tons of yummy yoghurt recipes.

Simple Life Tour - MHY

Now we are excited to share one of our favorite Mountain High Yoghurt treats with the entire Project Nursery community. This rainbow fruit parfait is the perfect summertime snack!

Mountain High Yoghurt Parfait

Rainbow Fruit Yoghurt Parfait

I’ve been making this colorful and healthy snack for my whole family all summer long! Ready to serve it up in your kitchen? Check out the short video below to see the four easy steps to creating this beautiful snack.

Visit Mountain High Yoghurt‘s website for more creations and recipe ideas. Also, be sure to stay tuned for more tips and hacks featuring Mountain High Yoghurt!

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