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How to Make Your C-Section Easier

Even though your birth plan may not have originally included a C-section, it’s a fact of life for many pregnant mamas, and in many cases, it’s a blessing of modern medicine. We polled Team Project Nursery to find out what made their C-sections easier and more comfortable, and here’s their C-section must-haves.


1. Car Seat Compatible Stroller. Though your baby may weigh only plus or minus eight pounds, once you get your little one in that infant car seat, it becomes surprisingly heavy. With limitations on lifting/carrying while healing, an infant car seat compatible stroller will be a lifesaver. Bring your car seat to the store to ensure it works with the stroller you are picking out.

2. Lip Balm. Be sure to bring your favorite lip balm.

3. Water Bottle. Staying hydrated is important for any new mama, but you’ll appreciate having your own bottle for the more extended hospital stay.

4. Your Favorite Pajamas. You might as well be comfy while hanging out in that hospital bed! You’ll be sick of that hospital gown after a day or two.

5. Tablet or Laptop. Whether you are staving off boredom or sending new pictures of your beautiful baby, you’ll enjoy having a tablet or laptop to use during your stay.

6. Lanolin. Trust us, nursing moms, you want to have this.

7. C-Panty. Team members swear by these specially cut underwear that protect your incision as it heals.

8. Meal Service. If you don’t live near family who can help out, consider subscribing to a meal service plan for the first couple months following your baby’s birth to make your life a little bit easier.

9. Lotion or Balm. There are many lotions on the market that claim to help with healing and reducing your c-section scar. While we can’t vouch for their success for everyone, one team member loved this one.

10. Robe. You will inevitably have visitors coming to see your new bundle of joy during your hospital stay. A pretty robe is an easy way to make yourself visitor ready.

11. Bassinest. This bassinet is awesome for all parents, but its retractable wall is a true lifesaver for c-section mamas.

12. Belly Bandit. This is another option for protecting your incision from your pants rubbing against it.

Did you have a C-section? Tell us, what was your number one must-have?