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These Animals Know How to Party!

We LOVE cute and simple party projects, and as promised we’re back to share one that’s just as cute as can be! You may remember these darling DIY animal cupcake toppers from our One is Fun first birthday party reveal—they were the talk of the event! They are the perfect addition to your baked goodies if you don’t want to splurge on fancy decorated cupcakes—read on to find out how to make them for your next party!

DIY Gold Animal Cupcake Toppers

Materials: plastic animals, metallic spray paint, scrapbook paper, 1″ scalloped punch, mini pom poms, glue stick, hot glue gun, paper straws, scissors

Line up all of your plastic animals and spray one side.

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

Once the first side is dry, flip the animals over and spray the other side.

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

Using a 1″ scalloped punch, cut out circles from patterned paper to make party hats for the animals. These mini pom poms can be found at any craft store.

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

Cut each circle in half. Then roll the half circles into cone shapes, and using your glue stick, glue each cone at the seam. Finally, use hot glue to attach a mini pom pom to the top of each hat.

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

For the last part of this DIY, use your hot glue gun to attach the mini hats to the animals and the bottom of the animals to paper straws that you’ve cut in half. It might be tempting to skip this step, but it’s an important one because the straws will keep the spray painted surface from touching the cupcake. Remember—spray paint is not food safe!

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers

See how quick and easy it is? Use these DIY animal cupcake toppers on your favorite treat, or gather a bunch to decorate a cake! Either way, these animals know how to party!

Gold Animal Cupcake Toppers - Project Nursery

And psst, the girls from J&J Design Group will be sharing the cutest art project you can use all your leftover gold animals for—stay tuned for their DIY tomorrow!


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Saturday 20th of August 2016

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Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

What ended up being the art project for the left over gold animals?

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Wednesday 21st of October 2015

What brand of spray paint did you use? I tried this once already and the paint never dries even though it says it is for plastic? Thanks!


Thursday 22nd of October 2015

Rebecca used Rustoleum's speciality metallic spray paint. I hope you have better luck.