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Safe Sleep Tips Every Caregiver Must Know

It’s insanely hot outside as I blog literally from under the Tuscan sun on holiday. Thick Italian accents repeatedly remind us that “it’s the hottest summer in 135 years!” and sleeping through its warm summer nights has been challenging for all except our little bambino, which has been quite a pleasant surprise. I give all the credit to the well-designed Love to Dream swaddles for keeping my baby cool and cozy. Check out my personal faves, the extra light Nuzzlin sleep bag and clever Venta sleep bag options below—Bravo!
Love to Dream Summer Sleep Bag

I would be remiss not to also take this opportunity to share their incredible efforts to educate both parents and caregivers with safe sleep habits for baby. Soon my dreamy vacation will come to an end, and like many of you, our baby will also be in the hands of another caregiver while I’m working. Every purchase of a Love to Dream swaddle comes with a small pamphlet specifically created to provide caregivers a gentle reminder of how you prefer to have your baby laid down to sleep.

First Candle is an organization whose mission is to prevent infant deaths. Love to Dream is a partner and, as you can see for yourself, is doing their part to help make a difference.

Baby Safe Sleep Tips Sheet

Here’s to a safe, happy and rested baby from my family to yours!

Baby in Love to Dream Sleep Bag - Project Nursery