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Make 2:00AM Crib Sheet Changes a Snap

Welcome to our series spotlighting our Featured Vendors from our Vendor Guide. The guide includes carefully curated vendors from the baby and children’s industry in design, retail, special services and much more.

Have you ever had to wrangle a fitted sheet off of the crib mattress in the middle of the night while half asleep? Yup, me too, and it is not fun. I am excited to share a company with you that has made this miserable task super easy—QuickZip makes changing crib sheets a snap. This patented two-piece fitted sheet easily zips on and off, giving you the ability to mix and match great solids and sweet prints. The Stay-Put Crib Zipper Base fits over the bottom of your mattress, and when it needs to be changed, you can easily switch out the Crib Zip-On Sheet, which just zips on top. Intrigued? I know I was, and what’s even better is that these sheets aren’t just for cribs! Check out their video to see just how easy the sheets are to use.

What about QuickZip makes you most proud?
I am most proud that we are creating products that make a difference for our customers. We hear daily that we reduced someone’s stress or gave her a few extra minutes in the day (or night) so she could take a breath.

Co-Founders of QuickZip

Crib Sheet from QuickZip

What do you think people might not know about QuickZip that you’d like to share?
One of the core values for our baby line is to create safer products that meet and exceed current safety standards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that a crib (or play yard) sheet “fit snugly on the crib mattress and overlap the mattress so it cannot be dislodged by pulling on the corner of the sheet.” QuickZip and PortaBaby sheets take it a step further by wrapping fully around the underside of the mattress to achieve the highest standard possible.

Crib Sheet from QuickZip

What advice do you have for parents when curating their nurseries? Any nursery must-haves?
Go for comfort and create a calming space. Bare is best in the crib, and I also love open, clean design for a nursery.

In addition to the QuickZip Crib Sheet, my nursery must-haves include at least two flat mattress pads and a couple of extra QuickZip Crib Zip-On Sheets for those rough nights. I also recommend having nice glider and a good stock of books, including some classics like any of the books by Sandra Boynton and Goodnight Moon.

Crib Sheet from QuickZip

Tell us your motto.
Everything is a phase—think long-term!

Bed Sheet from QuickZip

Any advice you wish someone had given to you?
Make yourself a priority—it is good for the whole family. I went to an executive coach recently, and the sessions felt like spa days. After years of tennis lessons and tutoring for my kids, I realized that I had never made the time to reach out for help on anything for myself.

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