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Feeding Baby On-the-Go

I can hardly believe it, but baby Everett is eight months old. His little toothless smile lights up the room, he’s a champion crawler and he’ll eat anything and everything we offer him. Once we started incorporating solid food into his diet—and especially now that he eats three meals a day—I had to come up with a convenient system for feeding baby on-the-go because from play dates to the zoo, we have places to go and things to do this summer!

My list of requirements was simple. I was looking for a container that was easy to use, compact and leak-proof, and I wanted to be able to pack a variety of different foods for my hungry guy. Enter my new favorite baby feeding product, the On the Go Formula and Snack Dispenser from ZoLi.

On the Go Formula and Snack Dispenser from ZoLi

As a nursing mama, I’ve never used the formula dispenser, but for transporting baby food, the On the Go is the best. It comes with four stackable containers that each hold up to 4 oz., and they twist atop one another, sealing in the food and creating compact storage and transportation for a well-balanced baby meal. Over the course of my three and a half years of motherhood, I’ve learned that not all baby products are created equal, but this is one item that’s worth its weight in gold.

I’d love to know—what are your secrets for feeding baby on-the-go? I’m always looking for new ways to stay organized and make life with two little ones just a little bit easier, so please share your favorite products and tricks with me!