Exploring the Great Outdoors with Baby

I’m always up for outdoor activities, and I was really excited to add some new baby gear to my arsenal so my husband and I can take our 13-month-old daughter on lots of adventures this summer. I caught up with Thule to test out their Urban Glide Jogging Stroller and Sapling Elite Child Carrier. I couldn’t wait to get into the woods and out on the pavement to give these products a try.

Urban Glide Jogging Stroller from Thule

I have been so impressed by the Urban Glide Jogging Stroller, and I’ve definitely put it to the test! Here are a few of my favorite features. First and foremost, it was so easy to assemble—the three wheels just clicked into place, and after putting a little air in the tires, I was ready to go. This stroller is extremely sturdy, but it’s still lightweight enough to easily get it in and out of the car. I’ve taken it for runs on trails as well as on sidewalks, and it does equally well on both surfaces. I really appreciate the swivel front wheel that can be locked in place for jogging and features tracking adjustment.

The Urban Glide has become my go-to stroller for any outdoor activity. Besides being an absolute dream to push, it has an enormous canopy to cover your little one whether the sun is shining or you’re caught in a downpour. In the photo below, I only have it extended about 1/4 of the way! In addition to running, I’ve taken it to the farm for strawberry-picking, to a local carnival and on several shopping trips.

Urban Glide Jogging Stroller from Thule

I love that the Urban Glide has small pockets to the left and right sides of the seat, perfect for storing my girl’s sippy cup and a toy. And the basket underneath definitely does not disappoint. I’ve been able to take this stroller to the grocery store and fit everything on my shopping list. I also took it to a picnic, and I was able to fit our lunch, my DSLR and a large picnic blanket, plus some other odds and ends. There’s even a handy velcro cover for the basket and a nice big pocket on the front of it for your phone and wallet.

Urban Glide Jogging Stroller from Thule

After having such a great experience with the stroller, my husband and I took the Sapling Elite Child Carrier to check out some nearby trails. My daughter really enjoyed her higher vantage point—she seemed perfectly comfortable and content the entire time. What amazed me most about this carrier was how easy it was to adjust when my husband and I traded places. And although I could tell that he was worried that it would be extremely heavy and uncomfortable, he was surprised by how comfortable it actually was. Summers are super humid here in Virginia, and the lightweight construction makes the back of the carrier incredibly breathable, which helped to keep him cool.

Sapling Elite Child Carrier from Thule

Just like the Urban Glide Jogging Stroller, the Sapling Elite Child Carrier does not disappoint when it comes to features. There’s a mirror so you can keep an eye on your child, a canopy for sun protection and even a removable backpack. You never know what you’ll need while you’re out in the woods, and the carrier has pockets for all of the essentials, including two on the hip belt that you can easily access for a quick snack or your phone without having to take the carrier off. Overall, the Sapling Elite mixes comfort, functionality and style seamlessly—we’re going to be looking for an excuse to go hiking just to use it.

Sapling Elite Child Carrier from Thule

Check out the Urban Glide Jogging Stroller and Sapling Elite Child Carrier at Thule. The Urban Glide comes in three gorgeous colors: Thule Blue, Dark Shadow (gray) and Mars (red). The Sapling Elite comes in Cobalt and Dark Shadow (gray).

I know I am going to want to be outdoors as much as possible with this awesome gear. Are you a runner or hiker? Tell me about your favorite things to do outdoors with your littles!

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