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Window Shopping for Eye Candy with Sam Simon

Springtime in New York City means two things to me. Number one, my allergies are back in full effect, and number two, the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) is in full bloom! Here are a few of the coolest things I saw at this year’s treasure trove of a show.

Gardens aren’t just for people with yards anymore. These days we can all have a bit of zero maintenance, luscious greenery thanks to the nature art from Garden on the Wall. These walls have a hypnotic and meditative quality that transcends space and time. According to the website, Preserved Wall Gardens “require no water/misting, light or soil, and retain their ‘fresh-cut’ state, original vivid color, form and softness for a minimum of five years,” which makes them even easier to care for than a chia pet! I love the thought of one of these as an accent wall in a nursery design!

Preserved Wall Garden by Garden on the WallPreserved Wall Garden by Garden on the Wall

I’m a hand-washing freak, so the bathroom is a very important space for me! I will not tell a lie, the Pinocchio faucet designed by Bruno Negri is genius! It would be super fun in a child’s bathroom, and it’s available in all white, all chrome or painted to look like a real wooden boy!

Pinocchio Faucet by Bruno NegriPinocchio Faucet by Bruno Negri

Dutch studio Mr. Maria’s delightful characters light up rooms and faces alike. Their adorable lamps come in a variety of animal shapes, including Anana the Elephant, Miffy the Bunny and many more! These pieces are the true definition of cute and chic—I have used them many times in my own designs!

Anana the Elephant and Miffy the Bunny by Mr. MariaAnana the Elephant and Miffy the Bunny by Mr. Maria

One of my favorite things about the ICFF is the international element! Design Philippines brought six of the most successful and innovative Philippine design-led brands to this year’s show. Check out two of my favorites pieces.

Kids love swings (and so do grown-up designers). Bring the fun indoors and relax in the foot-propelled, country-modern swing chair by Vito Selma. The Alegra chair comes in two sizes—a high version (seen below) and a low version, and it can be painted in any color you want. Super chic!

Alegra Chair by Vito SelmaAlegra Chair by Vito Selma

The Gregoria chair by Ito Kish is strikingly sculptural and actually very comfortable! This eclectic design evokes the spirit of Early Modern royalty—think Game of Thrones. The finish and color can be customized, but in white, it would make the perfect set-piece for all the kids out there who love to reenact the epic Let It Go scene from Frozen. This chair was made for Queen Elsa’s coronation (tiara and scepter sold separately).

Gregoria Chair by Ito Kish Gregoria Chair by Ito Kish

I know I’m not the only allergy sufferer around town, and nothing helps keep little lungs free from “invisible air yuckies” (as my friend’s four-year-old calls them) better than an air purifier. Purifiers trap germs, capture mold spores, absorb toxins and have a place in many children’s rooms. This amazing appliance is now going through a style revolution by partnering with iconic characters such as Paul Frank’s lovable monkey Julius and Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts gang. Rabbit Air has transformed the once-boring purifier into a stylish piece of functional art! The MinusA2 air purifier has a caboodle of cool features, including a light-sensing sleep mode that automatically adjusts once the shades are drawn or the lights are dimmed.

MinusA2 Air Purifier by Rabbit AirMinusA2 Air Purifier by Rabbit Air

Narrowing down my top picks from the over 500 exhibitors was quite a challenge. If you are a design fanatic like me, I encourage you to check out the exhibitor list on the ICFF website. What other pieces and designers do you like?