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How to Remove the Pit from a Cherry

Summer is upon us and that means fresh, in-season fruit. My oldest son has always had trouble with veggies but absolutely loves fruit, so I try to give him a wide variety to make up for some of those missing veggies. The first time I tried to share cherries with him, I realized how annoying it is to try to cut up the cherry around the pit for bite size pieces that were safe for my little guy. Now generally, I try not to buy “unitasking” kitchen tools, but oh my gosh do I love my cherry pitter.

We have the Cherry Chomper, and I guess it does more than one task because my boys find it wildly entertaining to watch this guy chomp through the cherry and deposit the pit below like magic. Older kids can help in the pitting fun too, just watch those fingers!Remove the cherry pit with the Cherry ChomperThe pit pops out, but the cherry remains intact—perfect for popping in your mouth or chopping into smaller chunks for your toddler. Now my Cherry Chomper has occasionally missed a pit, so be sure you watch it drop down below when you chomp it. This is one unitasker I’m willing to part with a little cupboard space for. And he just looks so cute on my summer dinner table, right next to Butter Boy (oops, another unitasker I love)!

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