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Finally, a Bottle that Grows with Your Baby

As a mom of two babies who were both nursed and bottle-fed well into toddlerhood, I tested out an assortment of bottles. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle was the right choice for my babies. My little ones took to it easily, and I found comfort in the internal vent system’s ability to preserve crucial nutrients while minimizing the feeding problems that are sometimes associated with bottle feeding.

Dr. Brown’s has officially added the first convertible bottle to their award-winning product collection, and we met with the Dr. Brown’s team for an intimate lunch to learn all about the feeding options that the new Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle gives to parents. The thoughtfully-designed Options Bottle can be used with or without the internal vent, catering to the growing needs of the child, while still providing the nutritional benefits and ease of use as the original Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles. The innovative venting system continues to reduce feeding problems while aiding in digestion and preserving vitamins.

Dr. Brown's Options Bottle

Instead of purchasing new bottles as babies grow out of slower-paced feedings, parents may choose to simply remove the internal vent of the Options Bottle. The Options Bottle is currently available in 4- and 8-ounce sizes with six levels of paced nipple flow, customized for different ages—ranging from preemies to nine months and beyond.

Dr. Brown's Options Bottle

The Options Bottle is newly available at independent and mass retail stores. Connect with Dr. Brown’s for more info.


Thursday 25th of June 2015

Personally I don't like the Dr Brown bottles. The amount of parts that have to be sterilized or washed is a giant pain. And the doctors new bottles may have options but the originals I had don't. If you hate washing dishes these bottles aren't for you.

XOve Baby

Thursday 25th of June 2015

How great! It may not seem like a big issue but there comes a time when you must convert to a larger bottle or adjust the flow and being able to do so more easily sounds ideal. Anything that reduces stress on the parents (and baby) is good by us!