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How to Create a Film Strip Pregnancy Announcement

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our third baby, I wanted to create a simple pregnancy announcement that included the whole family. My daughter was insisting that the baby must be a girl, while her brother was anxious for a baby brother as a future video game partner. The arguments between them were so funny that I decided the theme of our pregnancy announcement should be Team Boy vs. Team Girl. However getting a decent photo of all of us together seemed nearly impossible! I was just about to give up on the idea when it struck me—I could use individual photos of each of us and put them together in a fun retro film strip design. I even included a shot of our ultrasound!

For funny props, I created Team Boy and Team Girl signs for the kids to hold and purchased myself an “I’m So Pregnant” maternity tee. My husband opted to hold up pickles and ice cream in his photo as an ode to pregnancy cravings—although I did consider getting him a “Be nice to me, my wife is pregnant” tee!

DIY Film Strip Pregnancy Announcement

You can download these printable Team Boy and Team Girl signs to use as props if you have family members on opposing sides. They would also be perfect props for friends and family to document their guesses as to baby’s gender.

Team Boy and Team Girl Printable Signs

There are so many fun ways to announce a new baby on the way, but as a mom of two already, I needed something simple that I could put together quickly. With no time for a professional photo shoot, the design of this film strip pregnancy announcement allowed me to use my phone for all of the pictures, including the photo I snapped of the ultrasound and my selfie (my husband isn’t the best with a camera!). I resized and cropped the photos to fit the film strip graphic I created, and just like that, I was done!

For those of you with some photo editing skills, I created a couple of .png film strip files for you to use! You can download the four-photo strip or the five-photo strip depending on the size of your family and the number of photos you’d like to include.

DIY Film Strip Pregnancy Announcement

We shared our finished film strip on social media with our friends and family, and it was a big hit! We never created announcements with the first two kids, so it was fun for all of us to get in on the big news. I’d love to know—how did you tell your friends and family know that you were expecting?