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Meet Gifts Define

Welcome to our series spotlighting our Featured Vendors from our Vendor Guide. The guide includes carefully curated vendors from the baby and children’s industry in design, retail, special services and much more.

We are so excited to introduce you to Gifts Define, an amazing company that specializes in one-of-a-kind, handmade products that bring personality and fun to kids’ rooms and events. Unique and cheerful, their felt animals make perfect baby mobiles and party favors. Gifts Define has everything you need to brighten your child’s day and infuse it with a little creativity.

Felt Baby Mobiles from Gifts Define

What about Gifts Define makes you most proud?
Through our creativity and talent, Gifts Define is able to deliver truly special handmade products that bring joy to our clients’ lives. It’s gratifying and extremely rewarding to earn their confidence!

Felt Dolls from Gifts Define

What can we expect from you this year?
I always come up with new design ideas for Gifts Define product lines. So far this year, we’ve added a couple of new baby mobile designs, and there are many more to come. Moreover, we’re in the process of adding a do-it-yourself felt sewing kit to our product lines. We want our crafty fans to be able to enjoy and create their own Gifts Define-style party favors, keepsakes or baby mobiles.

Felt Nursery Name Banner from Gifts Define

What is your biggest piece of advice for new parents?
As new parents, we focus our efforts on keeping the baby happy and healthy. While doing so, please do not neglect your own well-being! I believe that to be able to share happiness with others, we should begin within ourselves. Feeling blissful and positive about ourselves will make us better parents for our children. Happy parents, happy baby!

Felt Nursery Decor from Gifts Define

Where do you find your inspiration?
It can be so inspirational to be out in nature, take a trip to the local zoos, flea markets or even the pet stores, read children’s books or watch cartoons with my little one!

Felt Cupcake Toppers from Gifts Define

Tell us your motto.
Do what you love, and love what you do!

To learn more about Gifts Define, please check out their listing in our Vendor Guide.

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