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Baby Socks That Actually Stay Put. Pinky Promise!

Alright new mamas-to-be, you don’t know this yet, but baby socks…pure pain in the butt! I can’t even tell you how many brands of socks I went through with my first baby. Baby kicks are a force to be reckoned with, and most socks don’t stand a chance. A mom, who, like me, was super frustrated with the current baby sock situation, went on a mission to create the perfect baby sock that won’t be kicked off in the crib, on the floor, in the car, out of the stroller—you get the idea—and leave poor baby’s tiny feet cold and you grumbling over every stray sock you have to pick up. With that, the Cheski Sock Company was born.

Cheski Socks - Ducks

There are several things that set these socks apart, but the key to keeping those tootsies covered? There is elastic at the arch of the foot, above the ankle and at the top to keep those socks snug. Talk about genius. We love products that find a problem and fix it.

Cheski Socks

Another benefit of Cheski socks’ patent-pending design? They go right up baby’s shin, keeping your little one warm. You’ll be surprised how much this added coverage helps. I found myself having to tug down my babies’ pants every time I picked them up or sat them in their car seats, so I love that these socks cover a little extra real estate.

Cheski Socks

Project Nursery co-founder Melisa Fluhr put these socks to the test on four-month-old baby Emmy who’s kicking up a storm these days. Even grandma gave them the thumbs up. See her cute little feet below!

Purple Baby Socks

PERK ALERT! Project Nursery readers can receive a 20% discount at the Cheski Sock Company Web store by using the code GUIDE20.

We love these socks so much that we’ve included them in our big Spring Baby Shower Giveaway. Be sure to visit the giveaway page to enter for a chance to win Cheski Sock Company socks and many other wonderful prizes.

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