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This is Not Your Average Baby Bouncer

I think that we mamas are superheroes, and one of our powers is multitasking. A typical morning at my house starts on the couch with a nursing baby in one arm and a toddler snuggled up to my other side while I read her a story (and somehow hold the book and turn the pages with one hand). The rest of our day pretty much follows the same pattern—singing to my son while I’m coloring with my daughter, holding toys out for him to grab while helping her to put on a costume so she can play princess, fixing three different variations of each meal while answering emails and updating my shopping list. Sometimes even a superhero needs a little bit of help, and for me, that’s where the Stokke Steps Bouncer came to the rescue.

Stokke Steps Bouncer

This amazing piece of baby gear isn’t your average bouncer. Before we even put our son in it for the first time, my husband looked at me and said, “I kinda want to take a nap in it.” The Stokke Steps Bouncer features a large and ultra comfy padded seat that will make any adult instantly envious. It comes with a removable newborn insert, so even the tiniest of babies can be snuggled in safely.

As your baby grows, the Stokke Steps Bouncer grows with him (up to 20 lbs.)—it’s adjustable to four different positions designed to support baby’s increasing weight and mobility. It also features a five-point safety harness, shoulder pads for comfort and a toy hanger for entertainment. Plus, it folds flat for easy storage and transport, a must for any baby gear in my opinion.

Stokke Steps Bouncer

So here’s where the magic comes in, at least for my baby who loves movement. When he is cradled in the seat, his movements create a soft bouncing motion. You guys, it’s like a self-driving car. You don’t have to lift a finger, and as baby plays, the bouncer moves in that gentle motion that all babies—at least my babies—love. Combined with that genius toy hanger, the Stokke Steps Bouncer soothes baby and gives him the ability to play independently, and it has officially won me over. My little one is often happy to sit in it for twenty minutes at a time, and once he even stayed there for an hour—totally unheard of in my house!

Stokke products are designed to foster development and strengthen the bond between parent and child, and this bouncer is no exception. It goes beyond the usability of a standard bouncer because its design allows it to be mounted to the Stokke Steps Chair. I don’t have the chair (yet—hint hint, husband!), but my babies have both loved being a part of the action from the very beginning, so safely and comfortably sitting baby at our level while we have meals and interact with each other is yet another reason I fell in love with this bouncer.

Stokke Steps Chair with Bouncer

We love great design here at Project Nursery, and the Stokke Steps Bouncer is a gorgeous addition to any home, no matter its aesthetic. With its smooth lines and sophisticated color choices (red, blue, orange and gray), it will fit seamlessly with your home decor.

Stokke Steps Bouncer Colors

The Stokke Steps Bouncer retails for $199, and it’s available online at Stokke.

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
Project Nursery received a sample for review.

Update: The Stokke Steps Bouncer was recalled on July 25, 2019.
If you own the affected product, refer to the recall announcement for details on how to get the repair kit.


Tuesday 14th of April 2015

I love this bouncer! We have the full Stokke Steps system. All of the pieces look fantastic and are very functional. The bouncer is really light and easy to travel with. Totally worth the investment!!