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The Royal Baby’s Nursery

Despite rumors of a girl, we don’t yet know what Kate Middleton is expecting during this second pregnancy. All we know is that this baby is going to have a luxe nursery. Some of our readers have been busy creating nurseries fit for royalty for their own bundles of joy, and we can’t help but smile thinking of Kate Middleton perusing Project Nursery for design inspiration. So we’ve pulled together some nurseries that we think a little prince or princess would feel right at home in.

Traditional Girl's Nursery - Project NurseryLille Mae’s Vintage Nursery by

Blue Royal Prince Nursery - Project NurseryRoyal Prince Nursery by

Silver Crib - Project NurseryNora’s Silver Nursery by

White and Gold Nursery - Project NurseryWhite and Gold Dreamland Nursery by

Pink and Gold Nursery - Project NurseryMalona’s Pink and Gold Classic Parisian Nursery by

Classic and Shabby Chic Nursery - Project NurseryClassic and Shabby Chic Nursery by

Bear's Preppy Plaid Nursery - Project NurseryBear’s Preppy Plaid Nursery Fit for a King by

What do you think? Are you guessing boy or girl for Kate Middleton’s second baby?

Baby Room Ideas For Twins - INDONE.ME

Friday 25th of September 2020

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Tuesday 25th of July 2017

Oh my gosh I adore this article - some of the ideas in here are so simple and beautiful! It just goes to show that you don’t need to necessarily go completely flamboyant and OTT to achieve the most stunning yet still very regal-esque results! Articles like this get me so excited to get stuck into the actual decoration of my baby’s nursery! I feel like I’ve spent hour upon hour scouring the internet (mainly Pinterest) for inspiration and I’ve got so many ideas that I feel my head explode! I don’t know if any other mummy’s have experienced this but the room design has gone from princess palace, to secret garden, to fairy utopia, to boho chic to butterfly paradise, and that’s all in the space of the last couple of hours! There’s just so much I want to do! Gahh the internet can be such a deep hole - I genuinely even found myself considering buying a luxury cinderella carriage bed at one point and I haven’t even given birth to my little girl yet! I had to take a step back from the computer at one point because who knows what I’d have bought! In reality I know that when it comes to it I probably don’t need a full on sparkling chariot in the room - sometimes keeping it a bit more is the best way forward. As much as I want to live out my childhood fantasies of carriages and magical mirrors and golden chandeliers - in reality this is more than slightly impractical! I just need to stay away from Pinterest and focus on getting a beautiful nursery that will suit my baby and our house. I did actually come across a company the other day on my delve into the internet, and I think they look like quite a good balance between being luxurious but not ostentatious! Has anyone else used them? They’re called Piccoli & Co. (pretty cute name). I just wanted to know some reviews before I started buying anything! Or does anyone have any other recommendations from similar companies? Honestly any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you everyone x