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Wanna Know What Your Kids Really Think About You?

Kids say the darnedest things! So for Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to see what my kids have to say about me with a cute “My Mom” interview. Asking little kids questions is always fun—you never know what kind of answers you’re going to get. Their silly and sweet answers are sure to make you either laugh or cry.

Printable Mother's Day Keepsake Interview

I created a free printable for this sweet Mother’s Day interview keepsake. You can download the “My Mom” version here and the “My Grandma” version here. I left a spot to include the name and age of the child, and if yours can write his or her own name, that cute kiddy handwriting will only add to the charm! If your little one is still too tiny to talk, it would be sweet for Daddy to fill this out for baby.

Printable Mother's Day Keepsake Interview

Printable Mother's Day Keepsake Interview

I framed my interview with my daughter, and I plan to have it out at Mother’s Day brunch this year so that everyone can enjoy her answers. Afterward I will probably slip it into a scrapbook so I can look back and laugh years from now. My favorite answer was her response to “I know my mom loves me because” when she said, “She plays Barbies with me.” She must know that Barbies aren’t my thing, but I play anyways because I do indeed love her that much!

Printable Mother's Day Keepsake Interview

And don’t worry—I have the grandmas covered too! Frame one for Grandma, and she will adore it for sure. Plus, you’ll have one less gift to worry about buying this year—anything to make mom’s life easier!

Mother's Day Interview Keepsake

Have fun interviewing your little ones! I can’t wait to hear what kind of answers you guys get—leave a comment below with the best responses!

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Tuesday 7th of May 2019

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Monday 2nd of May 2016

This is divine! Do you by any chance have a "My Mum"? No worries if not. Thank you for sharing!


Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Would really love for my "my Nana" please create and send it to me.

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Wednesday 20th of April 2016

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