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How to Save Your Child’s Artwork without the Clutter

From those first dabbles in messy finger paints to those detailed grade school masterpieces, our children’s artwork is a true treasure trove. It’s amazing to watch the creative trajectory over time and the pride in their beaming little eyes when presenting their creations.  But like many parents, I struggle with organizing, sorting and displaying the mountains of artwork in our home.  What to toss? What to keep?

Plum Print Art Keepsake Book
How can we efficiently preserve those special memories? Plum Print is an amazing resource that transforms heaps of children’s artwork into beautiful keepsake
books and e-files.  They simply send you a large pre-paid shipping box to fill with your child’s artwork, and they’ll do the rest.  3D art, sculptures and things like macaroni necklaces can be included! Parents specify a book title, a personalized intro and even captions if desired.  The Plum Print team will work their magic and return the artwork to those who want to hold on to the originals.

Plum Print Art Keepsake Book

Plum Print Art Keepsake Book

The process takes about 2 – 4 weeks with up to three minor revisions.  The one-of-a-kind coffee table books are available in several sizes with prices starting at $85.

Plum Print Art Keepsake Book

Plum Print Art Keepsake Book
We can’t think of a better way to preserve and revisit fleeting childhood creativity.

     All images via Plum Print.

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
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