Nautical Nursery with a Feminine Twist

Who says nautical nurseries have to be reserved for the boys? Lately, we’re spotting nautical decor aimed towards the little ladies, and we love the development. The nautical look is a classic theme for nurseries with a crisp, preppy feel. Throw in a little femininity and you have a fun twist on an old favorite.

Girl's Nautical Nursery - Project Nursery

1. Cage Lamp 2. Whale Printable Art Print 3. Felt Ball Garland 4. Nautical Navy Paint 5. Ceramic Shell 6. Sailboat Mirror 7. Whale Puzzle 8. Striped Crib Sheet 9. Nautical Knots Pillow 10. Play Like a Pirate Print 11. Pouf 12. Mermaid Doll 13. Gold Whale Dish


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    Thanks for sharing! I think one of the reasons nautical themes are so often associated with little boys’ rooms is because of the heavy use of the color blue that comes with the territory most of the time. Of course, with a little change in color and the addition of a mermaid or two (if preferred), the theme works just as well for a little lady!

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