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Easy Install and Extra Cozy: Britax ClickTight UltimateComfort Series

I finally got a chance to test out Britax’s new ClicktTight design. I pride myself on my car seat installation. I’m a stickler for getting the most secure fit, and I always double check the straps are straight and tight. I have practically climbed into car seats myself to weigh it down while tightening this and pulling on that to ensure the tightest fit. I then subject the seat to a rigorous wiggle and shake test to make sure it’s as tight as I can get it. It’s not exactly what you would call a fun experience, so you can imagine my excitement for a simple install with the tightest fit I have ever achieved.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Ultimate Comfort Series in Prescott

The seat actually flips up so you can see exactly where you need to guide the seat belts for proper installation. No more trying to peer behind the seat or feeling with your hand for the right slot.

ClickTight Install Mechanism - Britax Marathon

You’ll hear that satisfying click when you’re done. Give it a wiggle, and I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was with the tight fit. And since you are using a seat belt install from day one, you won’t have to worry about when using your car’s lower anchors (with LATCH) is no longer safe. Did you know that there is a weight limit on using the lower anchors? Check your car’s manual—my PSA for the day.

Forward Install of Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Now this mama loves the easy install and the safety that Britax is known for, but what does my son love? The cushy seat! The thing that sets this Babies R Us exclusive apart is that it is part of the UltimateComfort Series. The seat has memory foam in it. Talk about a cozy ride for your little one! Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his other favorite thing—the cup holder! He’s never had one before, and while it may hold Lego minifigures more often than it holds a drink, he loves it!

Only time will tell, but I have great hopes for the fabric on the seat. So far I have been able to brush crumbs off with ease, and it looks like it will get a lot less pilling.

Three Across Car Seats from Britax

Wait, did I say one PSA? Don’t you know me by now? I always advise watching the manufacturer’s install videos online. I find it extremely helpful to watch someone complete the steps even with an easy-to-install seat such as Britax’s ClickTight series. You don’t want to “wing it” when it comes to safety.

Editor’s Note: When you first purchase a car seat, it’s always good to double check that everything is connected properly. Please read Britax’s instructions if your ClickTight convertible seat was manufactured between August 15, 2014 and November 7, 2014 because you will need to double check the lower harness straps.

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