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Calling the Mamarazzi! We’ve Got the Perfect Photo Prop for You.

We’ve all seen the belly stickers used by every mom on the block to document baby’s first year. Let’s be honest, sticker plus baby doesn’t always work out the way you planned—it gets taken off and crumpled together, and you’re really in for it if it touches that sweet baby hair. We’re seeing something new trending, and we just had to share with you guys! Let us introduce you to our Mess-Ups & Milestones cards from The Project Nursery Shop.

Mess-Ups & Milestones Cards from The Project Nursery Shop

Monthly Baby Milestone Card from The Project Nursery Shop

We adore these Mess-Ups & Milestones cards because they can be placed next to baby or held by baby, and none of the aforementioned “oops” moments will ensue. You can document each month with beautifully detailed heavyweight cards, and each set includes cards for those “other milestones” that you definitely don’t want to forget. The “First Selfie” card is a must for baby’s debut on Instagram, and the “First Tantrum” is definitely worth documenting. The set also includes cards for other sweet firsts like smiling, crawling and walking. Life isn’t perfect, so why not celebrate the good and the bad with some fun photos using these darling cards.

Sleep is for the Weak Milestone Card from The Project Nursery Shop

Trashed the House Milestone Card from The Project Nursery Shop

We think Mess Ups & Milestones cards would make the perfect gift for your favorite expecting mama, and they are a must-have if you’re a new parent. Find them in The Project Nursery Shop!