Plan a Bunny-tastic Kids’ Easter Party

Spring has officially sprung, and we couldn’t be happier about it! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and Easter is on its way. Everything about Easter makes us swoon—from the pastel color palette to sweet bunnies and chicks, it’s bursting with new life and plenty of fresh party inspiration. Make this spring holiday extra special by planning a kids’ Easter party or play date with some of these bright ideas.

Kids' Easter Party Decor

Set a colorful and cheery kids’ table. We used fresh flowers as the centerpieces and floated a gigantic yellow polka dot balloon with a tissue tassel garland as the main pops of color. Each child’s place setting included a plate, napkin, bunny cup and a wooden berry basket filled with goodies like delicious sugar cookies and treat-filled plastic eggs. And of course it’s not a party without cake. We decorated ours with polka dots and the sweetest bunny cake topper. Even the adults will want to sit here!

Kids' Easter Party Decor

Iced Sugar Cookies for Easter

Easter Cookies and Favors

Kids' Easter Bunny Cup

Plan an edible activity. Have the party-goers make Peeps Pops! Simply insert any color paper straw into the bottom of Peeps, and tie a ribbon underneath (the ribbon could even be tied in advance depending on the kids’ ages). It’s always fun to eat something off of a stick, especially Peeps!

Easter Peeps Pops

Easter Peeps Pops

Invite some furry friends. Who can resist baby animals like chicks and bunnies? The kids will love to (gently) hold and pet the animals, and it makes for the sweetest photo op!

Kids' Easter Party Activity

Easter Chicks

Have the kids play a fun Easter-related game or two. Here are a couple of ideas that both younger and older kids will enjoy.

Bunny Hop Sack Race—Give each child some bunny ears and an old pillowcase or burlap sack to hop in.

Egg Roll Race—Give each child a hard-boiled egg. The object is to get it from the starting line to the finish line. There are several ways to roll the egg. The White House version allows the kids to push them with spoons. They could also push their eggs with their feet or even their noses! The first egg to reach the finish line wins!

Of course, one of the best things about Easter is the egg hunt! We always like to hide a combination of hard-boiled eggs and plastic eggs filled with treats.

Easter Bunny Cake Topper

Wishing you and your little bunnies a Happy Easter!


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    Please don’t teach children that animals are party props! Chickens and rabbits are very delicate and rabbits being the ultimate prey animal are very easily stressed by loud noises and handling. (For example, rabbits will panic when picked up as their instincts tell them they are about to be killed because birds of prey pick them up and drop them to the ground to incapacitate them? It is not something that you can teach a rabbit not to be panicked by, it’s pure instinct.) Thank you for considering kids of all species when designing a party.

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    Hi! Is that a child sized table? Or just a plain old regular sized table? Trying to host an outside party for small children and I don’t know how to seat them! That table looks lovely✨

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