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Put on Your Glass Slippers

Raise your hand if you stood in line for a certain princess movie this past weekend! With the release of the new Cinderella movie and the lure of a new Frozen song to open it up, we’re sure the theaters were busy.

Even if you didn’t make it there yet, you know it’s only a matter of time before one blue dress—ahem, Elsa—is traded in for another. We had fun selecting some Cinderella-inspired room decor.

Cinderella Room Decor - Project Junior1. Cinderella Quote Printable Art 2. Dress and Glass Slipper 3. Chandelier Mobile 4. Cinderella Quote Wall Decal 5. Crown Monogram Plaque 6. Cinderella “Tsum Tsum” Mini Plush 7. Glass Slipper Pillow

Will you be incorporating this princess into your daughter’s room decor? Or do you prefer to steer clear of the princess madness?