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In the Nursery with Adrianne Betz

If you’re looking for cool clothing for your little trendsetting tot, Little Adi + Co. is the place to go. After becoming mama to a baby boy of her own, Adrianne Betz, a fashion designer, realized there was a lack of fashion forward clothing for boys in the market. And as a mom of two boys myself, I totally agree. Inspired, Adrianne began Little Adi + Co. to create clothes that you’ll want to buy for your boys—or girls! The clothing, made in the US, is mostly gender neutral and sports a cool vibe. You’ll also find their popular Bummies™—a shorts/diaper cover hybrid.

Little Adi + Co. owner and designer, Adrianne Betz has been busy building her brand and her family—she welcomed a second son late last year. With two under two, we’re sure she has her hands full, but that didn’t stop her from creating a fabulous nursery for her now four-month-old Hudson, which she’s sharing with us today. We love her tips on repurposing furniture from her home and how to create your own dream crib when the real one is just too much of a splurge.

Adrianne Betz in Son's Black and White Nursery

Black and White Nursery - Project Nursery

Tell us about your design process.
I’m a fashion designer, so I love working with a bold palette and an eclectic vision. We turned our guest room into Hudson’s nursery. Having moved from New York City, we had a lot of items that were city-themed and so the guest room took on the name of our “New York” room, with a bold black and white palette. When starting to transition the room, I wanted to make sure we used a lot of the existing furniture in order to avoid having to put it in storage. I was able to repurpose everything, except the queen bed, into Hudson’s room.

By default, I kept the black and white palette, but I wanted the space to be kid friendly. I happened to be holding onto the “The world is your playground” map poster for a future playroom but decided to use it in the nursery as the overall theme of the room. The world is represented with the map poster, the stars and the globe. The playground part is represented by the chalkboard wall, the piggy bank, over-sized clothespins and black/white toys.

Black and White Nursery - Project Nursery

Black Chalkboard Globe - Project Nursery

Car Rug in Nursery - Project Nursery

What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve when creating this space?
Keeping it fun and kid friendly in a monochromatic color scheme. I didn’t want it to read too dark for a kid’s room.

Nursery Library Wall - Project Nursery

What is your favorite thing about the room?
I love how eclectic the pieces are and how they come together to create a really fun and inviting space to grow into. The monochromatic palette is also very calming yet still stimulating for the baby (and for me!).



What’s the first thing people notice when stepping foot into this room?
Hudson’s name above his crib.

Black and White Nursery - Project Nursery

Did you have any unexpected obstacles when creating this room? How did you overcome them or spin them to your advantage?
The crib that I originally loved was out of our price range since Hudson was our second child and we were having him so close to his brother (our first born), where we totally splurged nursery-wise. I was able to find a similar crib from a discount store and refinish the bottom to not only appear more expensive but match some of the other existing furniture pieces that I had planned to use in the room.

Black and White Nursery - Project Nursery

What did you enjoy most about the design process?
I love that I was able to pull existing pieces from our other nursery (the glider from Aden’s room) and our guest room (the bookshelf) that all worked together beautifully with this theme in the end. I saved a lot of money, and I loved being able to repurpose bigger items.

Black and White Nursery - Project Nursery

Photography by Katie Purnell Photography

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