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Why Splurge on Wallpaper When You Can Fake It?

No one can deny the bold effect that wallpaper can add to a space, but let’s be honest, not everyone wants to mess with the stuff. Crafty DIY enthusiasts have been stenciling their way to achieve a wallpaper look without the expense and inherent trickiness of wallpaper. But stenciling takes patience and a whole lot of time, so what’s an even easier solution? Decals! Placed strategically—with measuring or without—you can make a real splash on your child’s walls with minimal effort.

Polka Dot Wall Decals - Project JuniorPink & Black Vintage Girl’s Room

Triangle Wall Decals - Project JuniorMr. Luka’s Big Boy Room

Silver Starburst Wall Decals - Project JuniorHudson’s Toddler Boy Transition

Gold Star Wall Decals - Project JuniorBoy and Girl Shared Room

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