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Dana Decals

Welcome to our series spotlighting our Featured Vendors from our Vendor Guide. The guide includes carefully curated vendors from the baby and children’s industry in design, retail, special services and much more.

Today we want you to meet Dana Decals, one of our go-to vendors for fabulous wall decals. Forget the humdrum designs that you may have seen before because Dana Decals offers on-trend patterns and artistic touches that are truly unique. Choose a decal from their amazing selection, and it will instantly take your walls up a notch, no matter what aesthetic you’re going for!

Adventure Wall Decal from Dana Decals

Do you have a signature product or design element?

Our quotes and patterns are probably what we create the most. We’re always playing around with typography in our quotes, and we also like to mix and stretch fonts and layouts to create designs that are clean, modern and fun.

Night Sky Nursery Wall Decal from Dana Decals

Nursery Wall Decal from Dana Decals

What do you think people might not know about Dana Decals that you’d like to share?

We are a very small company. Right now we have five employees designing and producing all of our decals in-house, as well as handling marketing and customer service. Having this smaller team that is intimately involved with the entire process of Dana Decals makes it easier to work with customers when creating something unique for them since we understand and oversee everything all the way through shipping their decals. We are very personal, working with customers and partners one on one.

Dana Decals

What advice do you have for parents when curating their nursery? Any nursery must-haves?

Keep in mind the general color palette and personality you want for the space when creating a nursery. For example, if you go with a clean and minimalist style, then you’d want to use a limited color palette, simple shapes and repeatable patterns. Also, decide on a focus in the room. For instance, do you want to have a focal piece like artwork or furniture, or do you want to create a focal accent in a room, such as a patterned wall?

Creating Wall Decals

Where do you find your inspiration?

Vintage images and patterns, as well as fashion and advertising. Magazine layouts are also very inspiring as far as patterns and typography go.

Vinyl for Wall Decals

Any advice you wish someone had given to you?

We wish there was an easier way to come up with a motto.

Triangle Wall Decals from Dana Decals

To learn more about Dana Decals, visit their listing in our Vendor Guide.

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