Satin Crib Sheets for Baby, Yea or Nay?

While many adults think satin sheets are the only way to go for a good night’s sleep, what about baby? Little Giraffe has released their new satin Moroccan Crib Sheets in pink and blue ($45), which would allow you to pass along the comfort to baby.

Satin Crib Sheets

What do you think? Pure luxury or overly indulgent?


  1. 1

    Although they are pricey, I think they’re an investment if you want to prevent infant hair loss from the constant rubbing against cotton sheets which zaps moisture from hair, making it dry & brittle. Silk or satin prevents this type of hair loss. I am in & out of the hospital frequently & I’ve noticed a very drastic difference between sleeping on cotton pillows & bedsheets. I wake with my hair covering the pillowcase in the hospital. Vs no breakage on my satin pillowcase at home.

  2. 2

    Satin sheets are usually used for Afro hair as it helps prevent frizz. I don’t see it as a luxury item, I see it as cultural.

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