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Paper Fox LA

Welcome to our series spotlighting our Featured Vendors from our Vendor Guide. The guide includes carefully curated vendors from the baby and children’s industry in design, retail, special services and much more.

Let us introduce you to the gals of Paper Fox LA who are equal parts darling and inspirational! Paper Fox LA is a Los Angeles-based company specializing in fun and unique handmade paper decor and accessories for both events and the home. Whether you want to add the finishing touch to your nursery with a paper tassel garland or create a beautiful, custom party with one-of-a-kind balloons, they have you covered!

Tassel Garland from Paper Fox LA

What about Paper Fox LA makes you most proud?

We started this company from the ground up with zero dollars to invest. We’ve gone from making tassels in my living room to creating our products in an amazing studio loft in Downtown Los Angles with three employees, and we’ve done it all in under a year. It amazes me that two girls with no business experience could create something so viable, purely by determination. And now with Lauren expecting a little one of her own, it’s such a blessing to be able to set our own hours so we can spend as much time as possible with our loved ones.

Paper Fox LA

Do you have a signature product or design element?

Our tassel garlands are always our best seller, but we design lots of other things as well. We love creating photo backdrops and flower crowns and lots of other goodies. Most of our design aesthetic is centered around ethereal, bohemian and rustic vibes, but we love dabbling in the modern and minimalist side of things as well.

Tassel Garland from Paper Fox LA

What can we expect from you this year?

So much is changing within Paper Fox LA that it’s hard to say what will come next! For starters, we plan on acquiring an event space in Los Angeles where we can host lovely parties and really showcase our strengths.

Paper Decor from Paper Fox LA

What advice do you have for parents when curating their nursery? Any nursery must-haves?

Our nursery must-haves: We love Tellkiddo paper storage bins, Rock & Pebble dollhouses and Fine Little Day organic bedding!

Paper Fox LA

Where do you find your inspiration?

We are inspired by our wonderful city! The people, the places and the creative energy that brew here are unlike any place in the world. We are blessed to be surrounded by a rich community of women entrepreneurs who constantly motivate us to create and inspire.

Tassel Garland from Paper Fox LA

Any advice you wish someone had given to you?

Just do it. Don’t focus so much on the “what ifs” in life. I spent so much time wondering what it would be like to work for myself and start a business, but I never took action because I had no experience and I was afraid it would be too hard or too expensive. I felt I was incapable of being an entrepreneur—that’s something I feel a lot of women struggle with. Business laws, taxes, regulations and licenses can be overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. I wish someone had told me sooner to take a risk, start with the small things and worry about the bigger things as they come.

Tassel Garland from Paper Fox LA

Isn’t Paper Fox LA’s story so inspiring? We can’t wait to see how their business evolves over this next year! Make sure to visit their listing in our Vendor Guide to learn more about their adorable offerings.

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