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Hiding the Bump aka First Trimester Style

Oh, first trimester, how we love to hate you. It’s full of the highest of highs (you’re going to have a baby!) and the lowest of lows (food aversions and morning sickness and mood swings, oh my!). And then there’s the challenge of figuring out how to dress your new and growing baby bump. Whether you choose to hide it under oversized and flowing tops or flaunt it in form-fitting styles, here are our picks for first trimester style.

First Trimester Style

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Tuesday 26th of April 2016

I just came across this as a link from Pinterest. I just want to with disagree with kate. I am thankful for this article. I am not trying to hide my pregnant body because I am ashamed or don't want to celebrate it. I also do not think this is setting the feminist movement back. I am simply not ready to share since I amrlso super early. Unfortunately, my body feels differntly (after two babies, my body does its own thing). I am looking for a way to feel more comfortable in my clothes. Don't be so narrowminded.

Karina Silich

Tuesday 17th of February 2015

Kate, I think you may have misunderstood what PN were trying to promote here. I have had several friends go though to five months pregnant mark and then lose their babies, several times each! They were very happy to find something that could cover them up until they were ready to share with the world the wonderful news. My husband and I are trying IVF as we have had absolutely no luck with the tired and true conception methods and we have both discussed that we do not want people knowing before we are ready. If we can hide it even for a couple of week extra if we are lucky enough to conceive then we will. I am very glad PN published this article! Thank you PN.


Monday 16th of February 2015

Hi I love PN but found the title of this article disturbing. Why even suggest women would want to "hide" their first semester bumps? Hiding pregnancy was something sad in the past, where we were supposed to be chaste and out of public view when pregnant. Part of feminism was creating maternity clothing for pregnant women, and pregnant celebs showing their bellies on the red carpet is a huge, positive step! Women should be proud of their changing bodies, and frankly I'm surprised at PN for promoting such a backwards, outdated idea.


Monday 16th of February 2015

Hi Kate, We are so sorry that you took the title of this particular post to mean that. We obviously celebrate pregnancy and styling your bump in all stages as you may have seen in our other style and best bump series. It's not uncommon for women to keep their pregnancies quiet to just a close circle until after the first trimester. And if you aren't ready to share your news, it may influence the way you dress until you are comfortable letting everyone know. But if you're ready to rock your bump and share it from day one that's a great choice too. Every woman is different.