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Are You Team #BlueandBlack or #WhiteandGold?

We probably knew that everyone sees things a little bit differently, but no one picture has divided a population quite like that of a blue and black dress (and yes, it’s a blue and black dress). Did you catch the craziness yesterday or wake up to find out what everyone was talking about?

I’m fascinated by this kind of thing, and I’m still wondering what else we may all see differently. Let’s see how these colors play out in the nursery world.

Blue Black White GoldBlue and Gold Graphical Girl’s Nursery

Black White and Gold NurseryBlack, White and Gold Nursery

Navy and Coral NurseryQuincy’s Navy, Coral and White Nursery

So is this nursery white and gold or blue and black?

Gold and Gray NurseryGold Nursery

Just kidding! It’s totally gold and gray. Yup, that’s right, those walls are gray. It just goes to show you how much lighting (and photography) come into play and why testing a paint color—to see how it plays in different light—can be important.

So which are you? Team #blueandblack or #whiteandgold? Just like the rest of the world, the Project Nursery team is divided.