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Tips for a Great Slumber Party

Winter birthdays can sometimes be hard because they almost always need to be held indoors. We thought it’d be fun to share some inspiration for hosting the most perfectly cozy birthday celebration—here are our fun slumber party ideas!

Slumber Party Cupcakes and Treats - Project Junior

Tip #1: Sleepovers are usually popular for kids from ages eight through 14. If your child is younger and really wants a sleepover, try a pajama party instead. Have the guests come in their pajamas, plan fun slumber party activities and have the kids’ parents pick them up by 8pm! If you go with an overnighter, limit the guest list to a handful of friends.

Tip #2: Decorate the sleeping space so it’s fun and comfy for your excited party guests. We chose a bright and preppy color palette of pink, green and navy to set the party stage using paper lanterns, paper fans and a sweet bunting banner. The more pillows and blankets, the better!

Slumber Party Sweets Table - Project Junior

Tip #3: Welcome each guest with a little paper suitcase filled with sleepover must-haves like a toothbrush, lip gloss, toenail polish, matching pajamas, a personalized pillow case—there are so many possibilities!

Slumber Party Suitcase Favors - Project Junior

Tip #4: While many slumber parties include dinner, you can mix it up and have the guests arrive for dessert instead. Set up a sweets table so guests can help themselves to popcorn, candy and drinks—all of the essentials for a night of fun. Of course, cupcakes are a must for the birthday girl! Keep things simple, don’t go overboard and make sure to stay away from the caffeine or the kids will never go to sleep! If you decide to serve dinner, plan a kitchen activity like make-your-own-pizza or a nacho bar. They’ll love it!

Slumber Party Cookies and Pink Milk - Project Junior

Tip #5: Although most girls this age can keep themselves entertained with giggles and girl talk, it’s a good idea to plan a few activities too. Make things extra girly with some spa-related pampering, like chocolate face masks and toenail painting. BFFs will also have fun just staying up late watching movies, playing games and eating popcorn.

Slumber Party Chocolate Face Mask Activity - Project Junior

Slumber Party Snacks - Project Junior

Girls Slumber Party - Project Junior

Tip #6: We think the very best part of any sleepover is making pink pancakes for breakfast! Don’t forget to arrange a specific pick-up time with the parents so you’re not stuck with an extra child (or two) until later in the day. You and the birthday girl will likely need some rest after a night full of excitement!

Slumber Party Invitation and Pink Pancakes - Project Junior

The most important tip of all is to have fun—with a little preparation, you can enjoy your daughter’s slumber party too!