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Kendra Wilkinson’s Son’s Lego Themed Room

We recently had a chance to talk with the designer behind Kendra Wilkinson’s son Hank Jr.’s bright and colorful bedroom, Vanessa Antonelli, of NessaLee Baby. She filled us in on some of the details of creating this fun Lego themed room.

Kendra Wilkinson Son's Lego Theme Bedroom

Kendra Wilkinson Son's Lego Theme Bedroom

Vanessa worked with Hank Sr. to design Hank Jr.’s room to surprise Kendra and their son. They had to be mindful of a lot of space and a big bed because Hank Jr. is growing quickly in his dad’s footsteps. He could be six feet by sixth grade, which means they needed a big bed even in a four-year-old’s space.

Kendra Wilkinson Son's Lego Theme Bedroom

Vanessa’s tips for incorporating a theme that your child may outgrow is to make sure the theme is represented in inexpensive and easily replaceable items.  The panels on his wall that feature the giant Legos are easily removable. They can take them off completely and be left with the really cool brick wallpaper or they can recover the current panels with his next favorite hobby. Also, you don’t have to go crazy with a theme, pick one or two places to use it.

Kendra Wilkinson Son's Lego Theme Bedroom

Kendra Wilkinson's Son's Lego Room

We love the brightness and cheer to this space. We’re sure Hank Jr. will have lots of fun here. Be sure to check out Kendra Wilkinson’s daughter’s nursery as well. It is a gorgeous space also designed by Vanessa.

Designed by Vanessa Antonelli, NessaLee Baby

Photography credit: Christine Farah Photography


Tuesday 29th of September 2020

Where is that table and dresser from?

Jenna Hamelin Carroll

Monday 8th of February 2016

Where did you get the lucite table?