Easy Baby Sewing Projects

There is something so special about preparing something handmade for your baby. Even if you aren’t the perfect seamstress or a Martha Stewart-caliber crafter, you can still make something sweet and special for your little one. Here are some easy baby sewing project tutorials from our archives, including one where no sewing is actually required (shhh!).

DIY Baby Sewing Projects

The key thing to remember when sewing any project for baby is to make sure everything is very well secured.

DIY Portable Wipes Case (no sewing required!)

DIY Pacifier Clip Tutorial

Make Your Own Tag Blankies

Make Your Own Burp Cloths Tutorial

How to Sew a Diaper Strap


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    Thank you so much for these patterns – and thank you to the OPs too. Delightful and lovely ideas, I’d never have thought of them myself! Really looking forward to digging out the sewing machine.

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