DIY: Headband Holder

One of the most fun things about having a little girl is splurging on accessories, but keeping all those bits of cuteness organized is a whole other animal. This DIY headband holder made from an oatmeal container is the perfect solution for corralling those adorable stretchy baby girl headbands and big kid headbands alike!

DIY Headband Holder

Materials: 42 oz. (large size) container of oatmeal, pillar candle holder, fabric, spray paint, gloss topcoat, glue gun, fusible hem tape, felt, spray adhesive, ribbon and embellishments (optional)

DIY Headband Holder Supplies

Open your oatmeal container and empty the oatmeal into a bowl—set aside for later.

DIY Headband Holder

Cut your fabric to 17.5″ x 10.5″.

DIY Headband Holder Fabric

Use fusible hem tape to iron a 1/2″ hem on one of the short sides of your fabric.

DIY Headband Holder Fabric

Generously apply the spray adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric (I recommend doing this outside on top of some scrap cardboard as the adhesive is very sticky). Starting with the un-hemmed edge, wrap the sticky side of the fabric around the oatmeal container. Keep the top edge of the fabric aligned directly beneath the plastic rim on the open end of the container.

DIY Headband Holder

DIY Headband Holder

When you reach the hemmed edge of the fabric, hot glue it down.

DIY Headband Holder

You should have about an inch of extra fabric along the bottom edge of the container. Tuck that up under the bottom rim to create a smooth finish. It may stick due to the spray adhesive. Otherwise you can use hot glue to secure it.

DIY Headband Holder

Spray paint the oatmeal lid with a color that coordinates with your fabric. If the pillar candle holder you bought doesn’t match, paint that as well. Once dry, coat both pieces with a clear topcoat for protection.

Hot Pink Spray Paint

Spray Gloss Topcoat

Cut out a circle of felt slightly smaller than the bottom of your candle holder and hot glue it to the bottom. This will prevent the headband holder from scratching furniture.

Pillar Candle Holder

Hot glue the pillar candle holder to the bottom of the oatmeal container.

DIY Headband Holder

To give the headband holder some weight, put about 1/2 of the oatmeal back into the container. Then hot glue the lid to the top to seal it.

DIY Headband Holder

DIY Headband Holder

At this point the holder is complete, but I recommend dressing it up with a bit of ribbon, buttons, felt flowers and paper cut-outs glued to the top to make it extra cute.

DIY Headband Holder

DIY Headband Holder Embellishmemt

DIY Headband Holder Embellishmemt

In addition to making one for my daughter’s room, this headband holder is also my go-to DIY gift for girls’ baby showers birthdays. Thoughtful, handmade and functional—it’s the trifecta of gift-giving!

Baby Headband Holder Tutorial


  1. 2

    I have looked for months at stores and on line for the correct size. Where did you find yours?

  2. 3

    Taryn – I’m not sure which part you are referring to as far as “correct size,” but I found the oatmeal container (42 oz) at Walmart and the pillar candle holder at Target. Any pillar candle holder that is 5″ in diameter at the top will fit the oatmeal container perfectly. I think Ikea has several that will work too.

  3. 7

    This is SUCH a cute idea. Though I would recommend instead of putting oatmeal back in and gluing the top shut, why not let it be a handy storage space for hair clips, baby socks, or other little baby items you don’t want scattered about. :)

  4. 8

    Emily – Good idea! I found that adding the oatmeal back in helped with weighting the holder to prevent tipping. But honestly didn’t try it any other way. Let me know if you do and it works out!

  5. 9

    Instead of gluing the top shut, I opted to use the container as storage space for bows and hair clips. I did find that a bit of weight was needed, so I went to the Dollar Tree and bought glass stones and a piece of felt. I poured the glass stones in the oatmeal container for weight and cut a circle the size of my oatmeal container out of felt to cover them (tracing makes this very easy to get a perfect fit). I then hot glued the felt over the stones. Not only was this a perfect solution for adding weight, but it made the inside of the container accessible for storage without accidentally grabbing glass stones! I also decided to dress up the lid by poking a hole in the middle of the top and securing a cute, small, decorative door knob.

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  7. 11

    This is fabulous and I want to make it for my daughter who has heaps of headbands, however we don’t have quakers oats here so are you able to give me the diameter of the 42oz container of oatmeal that you used so that I can find a container with the same diameter please? Thanks

  8. 12

    Hi Helen – The diameter of the base of the oatmeal container is 5 inches. I found that the larger sized generic oatmeal containers tend to be the same. Hope that helps!

  9. 13
  10. 14

    I love this idea! I tried it and still in the process of making it great but I wanted a white top to match with my fabric and the white doesn’t so much cover the oats wording on the lip :(

  11. 15
  12. 16

    Have you tried cutting white scrapbook paper to fit the inside circle of the lid? If you look at the picture of the top with the flower, that’s what I did with the aqua color… Just glue it down and then cover it with Modge Podge to protect it. Good luck!

  13. 18

    Hello! Appreciate the tip! Did you glue it down with the modge Podge too and then coat it with that? Also did you just trace the top of the lid for the circle? Yours looks so fantastic i want to make sure I do it correctly! Thanks again!

  14. 19

    Hi Jessie, Yes. I traced the lid on the blue paper and then carefully cut away a little around the edges for it to fit inside the top. Glue the paper circle down with modge podge underneath. Let it dry completely (like 24 hrs) before coating it again on top with more modge podge – otherwise it will bubble. Then modge podge any additional paper cutouts (the floral shape) on top of that. I used hot glue to attach the final felt flower and button.

  15. 22

    So you remember the name of the color spray paint you used? I have been looking for that exact color and am having a hard time finding it! I want to paint my daughter’s toddler bed using that color!

  16. 23
  17. 24
  18. 25
  19. 26
  20. 27

    Hi there! THIS IS DARLING!! Where did you purchase the candle holder? I’m having trouble finding one that is 5 inches wide!

  21. 30

    I’ve been having some trouble finding a candle holder that will fit. Is the candle holder you have 5″ in diameter? Where did you find it?

  22. 31

    I’ve had no luck finding a candle holder that wide! I’ve checked Target, Walmart, Michael’s, and even done a search on Amazon. Where did you find yours?

  23. 32

    Love this idea! I was going to buy one, but didn’t want to spend the $30 (I mean, that’s $30 I could spend on bows and headbands! Lol). My only question, does it make the headbands lose their elasticity?

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