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Bringing Vintage Furniture Back

Adding a vintage furniture piece into your space is a great way to give your room some character. By following these few simple rules, it will be even easier than you might think!

Look for pieces with character. Furniture that has interesting details on the doors and drawers can really make a piece special. Look for carved details or applied moulding that will give it texture. Texture makes the paint pop and the detail more prominent. If it looks like something your grandmother might have had, it may be a winner. Local antique stores and Craigslist are great places to start your search for unique furniture pieces.

Vintage Orange Dresserimage from John Woodcock Photography

Look for great hardware. Sometimes a piece of furniture is just the size and look you want, but it needs a little more. If the hardware on your vintage piece isn’t what you would have hoped for, you can always add hardware of your own. We found these vintage brass handles on Etsy and added them to our dresser to give it just a little more charm.

Vintage Navy Blue Dresserimage from John Woodcock Photography

Paint it a fun color. Add a fun pop of color into your nursery with your vintage furniture. Pull a bright color from a rug, artwork or bedding to bring your room to life. This will help pull the room together and make it feel youthful but sophisticated at the same time.

Vintage Yellow Dresserimage by ShawnH from the Young House Love Forums

Vintage Green Dresserimage from John Woodcock Photography

Follow these simple rules, and you are guaranteed to be successful when you add your very own special touch to vintage furniture!