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Plates for Picky Eaters

A lot of toddlers go through a phase of being picky eaters (and if your child has always eaten everything you put in front of them, please don’t tell me). It can be extremely frustrating as a parent, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, maybe you can help make your toddler’s meal more appealing. I swear the saying that you eat with your eyes is even more true with toddlers, which is why a good kids plate can help with your daily feeding battles.

We all know that kid (or even adult) who doesn’t like food to touch other food. Make life easier by using a compartmentalized plate. I love this divided plate from boon, which also has a grippy bottom that prevents it from sliding around too much.

Boon Platter

And this bus platter from Innobaby is super cute and will remind you to try to include all five food groups in one meal. Sometimes having lots of options allows your child to have a spot for an old favorite and for something new.

Din Din Platter

What about this amazing construction plate and vehicle utensils?! What kid wouldn’t love to scoop up their peas with a wheel loader? I know we’re not supposed to encourage playing with food, but sometimes you’ll do anything to get your kids to eat.

We haven’t had a chance to try this new Adi penguin plate, recently funded on Kickstarter, but it sure looks cute! There is a suction cup on the bottom to keep the plate in place, and it comes with a cover. It is available for pre-order and estimated delivery is March 2015.

Adi Penguin Plate

Another kickstarter project—The Happy Mat (Free shipping on orders of $40+), has the same divided sections but also has a built-in placemat—perfect for an older baby just starting out with finger foods. Who could resist eating with this plate smiling back at you? It’s available for pre-order now, shipping in January.

Happy Mat

What about you? Do you have any tricks for making meals more appetizing for your picky eater?

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