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Chewbeads “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip

As the mama of a pacifier-loving baby, there’s nothing more panic-inducing than finding myself without one when my little one is mid-meltdown. No matter how many pacis I have in my arsenal, it always seems like they’ve disappeared into the abyss when I need them the most. I don’t know if I should blame it on my dogs, my mischievous daughter or my own sleep deprivation, but while I’m figuring it out, I think I’ve found a great solution.

Chewbeads is known for their line of silicone teething jewelry, but they’ve also recently introduced a product that answers the age-old question, “Where’s the pacifier?” Aptly called the “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip, the Chewbeads version features 100% silicone beads, a resin, non-metal clip and ribbon—that’s it! The fewer things I have to worry about, the better, so I love that this pacifier clip is free from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead and metals.

Chewbeads "Where's the Pacifier?" Clip

Not only is it safe for baby, but the “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip is so easy to use. Simply slip the ribbon loop through the pacifier handle, pull the clip through the loop and pull to secure. Clip it to baby’s clothing, and you’re ready to go! No more frantic searching for the missing pacifier, and no more fear of the paci flying out of baby’s mouth and hitting the dirty floor when there’s no sink in sight.

I have a serious weakness for adorable baby accessories, so the “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip quickly found a place in my heart. My little guy looks cute as can be with his dinosaur pacifier clip, and the gray and yellow colorway will never go out of style. Plus, some of the beads glow in the dark, making it even easier to find that pacifier and so much fun!

Chewbeads "Where's the Pacifier?" Clip

The “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip is available on the Chewbeads website. Choose from dinosaur, sheriff’s badge, butterfly, heart and select MLB team designs.

Editor’s Update: There was a recall on certain designs September 29, 2015.

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
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Saturday 3rd of January 2015

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