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Using Artwork to Update Your Kids’ Rooms

As your kids get older, their tastes change—sometimes a lot and often! One thing we suggest is using artwork as an easy way to change up the feel of a room. We are big fans of the artwork available at Minted. Not only do we love their mission of supporting independent artists with their array of ever-changing artwork, we love that their collection is so diverse. You can truly find something for every age and every taste.

We went searching for prints that we thought would work for those kids who don’t want anything “babyish” in their rooms anymore. There were so many great choices that we had to cut ourselves off well before our options were exhausted.  You’ll find a few collections of artwork from Minted we pulled together down below. Which would your kids like?

Minted ArtworkProp, Capsized, 48 Cadillac, End of the Storm, Staredown

Minted ArtworkWild Rabbit, Float On, Seal, Swift Fox, Artic, Silly Kitty, il Polipo

Minted ArtworkPoly Agate, Rhopalocera One, Island Wallflowers, La Famille de Bicyclettes, Bold Leaves, Green Apples, Put a House On It, Forest Friends

Minted ArtworkElemental, Goodnight New York, United States Map, California Dreams, Counting Dominoes, Golden Gate Bridge

We are loving Minted’s new gold foil art prints too. You can see examples in the Golden Gate Bridge and United States Map above. Do you continue to curate art for your older kids or do you let them go to town with their own decorations?