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Planning the Nursery with Room to Grow

When you shop for your nursery, you can forget about the fact that one day your unborn child will need a big bed—or a desk for that matter. Those steps seem so far off that planning for them can slip your mind. However, having children ages eight and four, I can tell you from personal experience that the transition from nursery to big boy or girl room sadly sneaks up on you. Planning ahead can be cost-effective as well as a time-saver.

Here are my top five tips on how to plan your nursery to become a big boy/girl room:

Furniture that converts. Lifestyle (or cribs that convert to beds) are everywhere now.  Selecting a crib that ultimately converts to a full size bed is a great way to keep your child’s nursery set from being broken up. When selecting a changing table pick one that converts to a regular dresser once your child is potty trained or add a changer top to a regular dresser.

Debby Convertible Cribimage courtesy of Bellini

Keep it neutral. Use a neutral color on the walls and floors and then accent with pops of color. If you pick, for example, gray walls accented with baby pink in your nursery, you can easily transition the room without new paint. Or just paint one wall an accent color that can easily be changed out. Keep carpets or rugs neutral as well, so changing accents in art work, bedding and other decor is what will update the look of the room.

Bellini Jordan Cribimage courtesy of Bellini

Classic furniture with fun accessories. Keep your big furniture timeless. Things you love in 2014 may be pieces you hate in 2017. So if you keep your dresser and other case pieces classic and let your smaller accessories be more trendy, you are more likely be able to keep pieces longer without getting sick of them.

Invest in quality. Since you may want to be able to use your nursery furniture for your child’s big kid room, make sure to invest in quality pieces that can stand the test of time (and children slamming drawers). Splurge on furniture, while spending less on transitional items that ultimately must go (bedding, artwork, etc.).

Nursery to Big Kid Bedroom Transition - Project NurseryAriella’s Nursery and Liesl and Ariella’s Big Girl Room

Measure for the future. It’s great to fill up the room with furniture that works for a nursery; however, keep in mind that your tiny crib and changer may need to be replaced with a full size bed and desk down the line. So when measuring, try and leave additional space that can later be used for larger items.

These tips, whether you use a few or use them all, will help with a smooth transition from nursery to big kid room.

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