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Frozen Birthday Party: Elsa’s Tea Party

I love to throw a fun birthday party as much as the next girl, so when my five-year-old daughter, Marin, requested a Frozen birthday party, I got right to work. Since her birthday falls at the end of October, I usually try to coordinate the theme of her party with her Halloween costume. Dressing up for your party makes it just a bit more fun!

Marin asked me to make her an Elsa costume for Halloween, so I was going to get as much use out of it as possible. I decided to throw a Frozen tea party so all of her friends could dress up as their favorite Disney princess too.

Elsa Tea Party Costume

I decided to dig into my holiday decorations to see if I had anything frosty, icy and frozen. I found some feather trees, as well as some ornaments that worked for decorating my tablescape. Then I made a trip to my local craft store and scored some more holiday decorations to complete the wintery look. Don’t forget to check out your dollar store too—I found plastic serving dishes that looked like crystal and fit my theme perfectly.

Frozen Birthday Party Decorations

I had some table tops from Ikea that I used to make the tea table shorter for all our little guests. My husband cut down the table legs to make the table just the right height. I purchased a few yards of white satin and organza for my table cloth and covered the stools in it as well. The silver sprigs I found at the craft store served as my centerpieces.


Frozen Party Tablescape

Elsa Tea Party Tablescape

We served little tea sandwiches cut out with a snowflake cookie cutter, powdered doughnut holes that looked like snow balls, fruit salad and blue jello ice cubes. Blue punch was the drink of choice in the girls’ tea cups.

Frozen Birthday Party Food

We also played pin the button on Olaf and made Olaf snowmen out of marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzel sticks with candy corn noses. Each princess went home with her very own Elsa goody bag filled with treats, stickers and jewelry. It’s so fun to be five!

Kids' Princess Birthday Party

Photography by Sarah Goodman Photography