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Create Your Holiday Wishlist Today with Pinwheel!

The Project Nursery team loves to holiday shop! Not only in The PN Shop but, as we brainstorm our holiday checklists, we also love to browse online, check out other favorite gift guides and scope out what’s hip and cool—and what might be a potentially perfect present for our own families. For this reason and more, we are thrilled to share a new app and website called Pinwheel!

LittleList 1 Year Old Instagram

Pinwheel has been created by the team behind BabyList, the universal online baby registry that lets you register for exactly what you want for baby from any retailer of your choice. Similarly, Pinwheel allows you to create wishlists from any brand you love and easily share it with your family and friends.

It’s as simple as adding any link from any store to your customized “little list,” and the information is filed, eliminating the age-old question for grandparents or friends curious to know “What gift should I get your child?” Even better, Pinwheel saves information like your child’s sizes, favorite colors and interests. You can also add general items to your wishlist (e.g., skirt in size 3T), so there is still an element of surprise. It keeps track of who buys what, so no duplicates.

LittleList iPhone App Screenshots

And while the holidays are currently on our minds, you can use Little List for all of your wishlist needs. Be it for a birthday, baby registry or just a running dream list, Pinwheel can be used year-round.

So start by checking out the Pinwheel Project Nursery created for the holidays (see a sneak peek below). We are sure you’ll feel inspired to start your own “little list” in a big way!

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