Vintage Modern Boy’s Nursery

Now that baby boy Barbe’s due date is just two weeks away (what?!), it’s about time to start thinking about decorating the nursery, don’t you think? My daughter’s nursery was complete with weeks to spare before her arrival, but with a toddler always on my heels, it’s been tough to find the time to figure out just what this very special space should look like.

My taste in decor walks the line between the old and the new, so with tons of amazing inspiration in the gallery, I decided to create my own version of a vintage modern boy’s nursery. It all started with the über modern crib bedding from Olli + Lime, and with a few vintage-inspired accents, I finally feel like I’m onto something.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I have up my sleeve—some of the pieces are just for inspiration (that lamp is beautiful, but I don’t think the $184 price tag is practical for a nursery) and some are placeholders for DIY projects (we already have a similar dresser that we’ll paint white). Oh, and I’m sure you’ll notice the missing crib. We’re planning on reusing the one we have, provided that we can convince my daughter to give up her beloved crib by the time we’re ready to transition the baby into the nursery.


Soft Descension Art Print, Dream Big Art Print, Vintage White Dresser, Nest Crib Sheet, Pool Crib Skirt, Touch of Gray Wall Paint, Indie Rug, Wing ChairYellow Love Pillow, Aqua Variegated Pouf, Wood Accordian Side Table, Aqua Table Lamp

Now that I’m totally smitten with the idea of a vintage modern boy’s nursery, I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! In the meantime, while shopping for nurseries is definitely my idea of a good time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Any pieces you’d add or remove from my design board? What are your favorite shops for modern decor? How about vintage-inspired furniture and accessories?


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