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Luca and Company

Welcome to our series spotlighting our Featured Vendors from our Vendor Guide. The guide includes carefully curated vendors from the baby and children’s industry in design, retail, special services and much more.

Today we are introducing you to Luca and Company, and we know that you’ll adore their innovative and well-designed products just as much as we do. Not only are their designs clever and chic, but they are all meant to inspire your child’s imagination and creative play for many years. I added an IVI 3D Play Carpet from Luca and Company to my daughter’s playroom a few months back, and we just love the fun that it inspires through play.

Blue Traffic Play Carpet from Luca and Company

What about Luca and Company makes you most proud?

Our collection is designed by moms; it’s the tie that binds all of our brands.

Farm Animals from Luca and Company

What can we expect from you this year?

The FunPod Highchair is available in the UK, but it has not yet been launched in North America. We have redesigned the transition from highchair to FunPod in one easy step, and this product’s lifespan is from six months to six years! Look for it in early 2015!

FunPod Highchair from Luca and Company

What is your biggest piece of advice for new parents?

Get on a schedule; it makes parenting more delightful.

Pink Playhouse Play Carpet from Luca and Company

Where do you find your inspiration?

My children, Los Angeles and my years in the interior design business before starting Luca and Company.

Madii & Dyl Pillows from Luca and Company

To learn more about Luca and Company and view more of their product line, please visit their listing in our Vendor Guide.

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