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Prenatal Juicing

I wish I had the time to juice, but I don’t. So call me foolish, but I recently resorted to insanely expensive ten dollar raw juice bottles at the market in an effort to survive a cleanse. I am not a crazy veggie eater, but something about kale, lemon and ginger, really appealed to me in a healthy way, and I was proud of myself for giving it a whirl. And then I got pregnant.

And then I became miserable. Like horrible morning sickness miserable for the first 16+ weeks of this pregnancy with waves of nausea still making their appearance well into my second trimester. So when the opportunity to try Bundle Organics came along, I jumped at the chance. Fully pasteurized, organic fruits and veggies packed with vitamins…pregnant mamas, need I say bring it. bundle organics prenatal juice Orange, Carrot, Berries and Ginger was hands down my favorite of the three. Mostly because it settled my queasy stomach the best. For a limited time, Bundle Organics is offering free shipping all orders. Remember to serve cold cause that is key—Enjoy!

Products and/or samples were received but all the opinions are my own.